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About Annie Cerone

My business slogan is: It's all about marketing YOU. My job is to market you in the best possible manner so that you make an instant impact and a positive first impression in a matter of seconds; with the primary objective of helping you to advance in a very competitive job market! I am passionate about the work that I do and the proven quality of written products I develop such as resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and so forth; and other services provided such as career guidance (very often this service is provided free-of-charge), job interview coaching sessions, job market skills presentations, and so forth. My services have been instrumental in facilitating progression and advancement for the majority of my clients. As a result, I am rewarded with both repeat and referral business, and have a reputation in the industry as a consummate professional. With my academic background in the field of psychology, I possess an in-depth understanding of individuals; their mindsets, attitudes and behaviours; and importantly, I have the uncanny ability in driving and motivating my clients to ‘think’ and achieve success and to give them the belief and confidence in their ability to do so. I am here to help market you; I am only a phone call or email away to commence the process. I invest my time in you (both unpaid and paid); and with continued success over the years, I am here to stay and to continue to do what I do best: market you!

FREE Selection Criteria Examples | Group Manager Local Government

My client applied for the role of Group Manager in a Council (Local Government) and progressed to the job interview stage. She gained glowing feedback from the entire selection panel and came in second with the job offered to the candidate who had been acting in the role – as is very common – but with much deliberation as my client impressed the panel across [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers | Senior Investigator QLD Government

My client applied for the role of Senior Investigator in State (QLD) Government. He was one of five applicants (from a total of 40) shortlisted for an interview. A two-page statement was prepared to address six selection criteria. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion. An understanding of courtroom etiquette and proceedings. I have attended court on numerous occasions across four States and Territories [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Samples | Administrative & Business Support Officer

My client applied for the role of Administrative & Business Support Officer in State (QLD) Government. She progressed to the job interview stage, was offered the role and accepted. A two-page statement addressing six criteria was prepared. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion. High level customer service skills, interpersonal and communication skills. For a 14 year period I worked in an administrative capacity [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses | Intelligence Analyst QLD Government

My client applied for the role of Intelligence Analyst in State (QLD) Government. He was shortlisted with 50 others for an interview from a total of 600 applicants; 15 job vacancies were on offer. A total of 5 selection criteria based on the QLD Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) required addressing in two pages. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion. Supports productive working relationships: [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples | Senior Project Officer

My client applied for the role of Senior Project Officer in State (VIC) Government and was shortlisted for an interview. Even better, he was offered and accepted the role. A total of 6 selection criteria required addressing in three pages. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion. Project Management My high-level experience in project management practices, processes and principles are demonstrated through my involvement [...]

Job Market Australia | Occupational Skills Shortage 2017-18

The Department of Jobs and Small Business assessed and rated occupational skills shortages in 2017-18 period across the nation, broken down across each state and territory and occupation. A detailed listing can be found be selecting the following link: Skill Shortage 2017-18. A brief snapshot of skills shortages for occupations at a national level follow: PROFESSIONALS Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals: - Architect - [...]

Resume Writing Tips: Soft Skills and Hard Skills | Employability Skills Revisited

LinkedIn Talent Solutions (2018): Emerging Jobs: Australia – The fastest growing jobs in the country, named the top 6 soft skills in demand as revealed in a US survey where 1200+ hiring managers were surveyed. The soft skills include adaptability, culture fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential, and prioritisation. Drawing out depth for the collaboration, growth potential, and prioritisation skills can encompass the following: Collaboration: Communication [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers | Probation Officer TAS Government

My client applied for the role of Probation Officer in State (TAS) Government and won a job interview. Six specifically-written selection criteria required addressing. Following are full excerpts of two of the criteria. Well-developed interviewing, negotiation and conflict resolution skills including the ability to motivate, challenge behaviours and deal professionally with high risk offenders, critical situations and work related stress. On one occasion during my [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Samples | Manager Compliance

My client applied for the role of Manager Game Compliance in State (VIC) Government and won a job interview. She came in second to a candidate with 15 years’ experience. This was a very large application involving the addressing of 10 selection criteria across four pages in total. Following are part excerpts from four of the criteria. Previous investigative or compliance / enforcement experience is [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses | English Teacher (VIC Government)

My client gained a job interview for an English teaching role in the Victorian education sector. This was a huge application which involved addressing 8 selection criteria, each ranged between 400 and 500 words. On completion, the word count for the entire application totalled at just over 4,000 words – that’s bigger than most university/tertiary assignments at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels! Following are part [...]