I do not like to be the bearer of bad news but for those of you who are becoming increasingly disheartened with your job search endeavours, do not take it personally. Here the latest facts which will reflect that the problem is external to you:

– Unemployment is rising toward 6%.
– Unemployment amongst the age group 15 to 24 years has reached over double the national average at 13%.
– Employment growth continues to be negative over the last few months.
– Total employment is lower than it was six months ago.
– Job opportunities are decreasing at alarming rages which has resulted in a rise in hidden unemployment.
– Participation rates have been declining over the last six months.
– The latest data from ABS indicates not only sharp rises in unemployment but also underemployment.
– Comparisons from Australia’s last two recessions indicate that this current episode is different in that the recovery is over and the economy is once again deteriorating; the job market is very weak with an increasing lack of job opportunities.


Annie Cerone