In DEEWR’s newly-released Australian Jobs 2013 report, the roles expected to grow fastest over the next five years include accountants, teachers, carpenters, and dental assistants. The report said the strongest growth of 16% over five years was expected among information professionals, which includes mathematicians, archivists, curators, economists, policy analysts, and librarians.

Health, welfare and support employment were major areas of likely jobs growth as predicted in DEEWR’s Employment Projections report. Health diagnostic and therapy jobs were expected to increase by 14.2%, with strong growth across a number of job types including dieticians and physiotherapists. Ambulance officer, paramedic, and massage therapist jobs were expected to increase by 13.4%. Employment among carers and aides was tipped to rise by 13.6% over five years, especially among disability carers, aged carers, and dental assistants.

Unfortunately for the following jobs, the report projected falling employment for crop and livestock farmers, crop farm workers, timber processing workers, and power plant operators, among others.

Source: ShortList


Annie Cerone