posted an article in early May 2013 revealing the most in demand jobs. The latest Clarius Skills Indicator has revealed that Managers are in short demand across five key areas.

The Clarius Skills Indicator shows a dramatic shortage of managers across a range of industry sectors in the March quarter, while there is an oversupply of skilled labour in other sectors. For those who occupy a management level role in the fields of hospitality, retail, service, advertising and sales, this is very much in your favour in terms of choosing a job that is right for you and in moving onward and upward. The findings showed an urgent need for skilled managers and staff with broader skill sets.

Unfortunately for engineers, the job market is presently experiencing a slowdown in this field. The Clarius Skills Indicator found engineering had suffered a collapse in demand, particularly in WA’s mining and resources sector, which was largely driven by concerns over the future growth of China.

Source: 7 May 2013


Annie Cerone