In this Saturday’s (7 May 2011) Courier-Mail’s CareerOne section, an article titled ‘Electricians in Demand’ stated that this particular occupation will be one of the biggest growth occupations in the next five years. The forecast is outlined in the 2011 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Industry Employment Projections report. The report indicates that three key industries will require the skills of electricians including communications, mining and housing.

Furthermore, according to the report, more than half the new jobs to be created by 2015-16 are expected in three key industries including: health care and social assistance; construction; and professional, scientific and technical services. The report also predicted one key industry (manufacturing) would show a drop in the number of jobs by 2015-16; an estimated 30,400 jobs could be lost, representing a 0.6% fall each year over the five years.

For those of you who are considering a career change or are unsure as to what trade you would be interested in pursuing, it may now be a good idea and time to consider a soon-to-be in demand occupation: electrician.


Annie Cerone