CareerFAQs published an article on 20 October 2016 outlining the Top 10 jobs you can target and secure in Australia, surprisingly where a university degree is not essential. Senior Executives from large multi-nationals are valuing and taking into greater consideration, hands-on experience over degrees. This fresh attitude no doubt will trickle down to medium and smaller scale organisations in time, if not already.

The top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia where salaries are well above the average Australian income of just over $57k follow:

1. Construction manager
Potential salary range: $90k-$280k

2. Air transport professionals
Salary range: $56k-$285k

3. Crane, hoist and lift operators
Salary range: $52k-$177k

4. Mining professionals
Salary range: $56k-$300k

5. Managers
Salary range: $50k-$300k+

6. Gas, petroleum and oil power plant operators
Salary range: $75k-$120k

7. Information & Communications Technology (ICT) professionals
Salary range: $40k-$350k

8. Work Health & Safety professionals
Salary range: $50k-$200k

9. Entrepreneurs
Salary range: $0-infinite

10. Megastars
Salary range: $0-$170 million (capped at Taylor Swift’s earnings for 2016)

To read the article in full, click the following link: Top 10 High Paying Jobs

Annie Cerone