Government departments across all levels – local (councils), state/territory, federal – are slowly and steadily moving away from asking applicants to prepare standard responses to individual selection criteria. Federal government departments/agencies are leading the way in this regard. They are stipulating word or page length limits; for example, 600-word Statement of Claims, one-page pitch, two-page Expression of Interest (EOI). They request a written response to demonstrate you meet the role requirements, competencies, capabilities, selection criteria, etc.

This is where most applicants come undone. They develop the statement in a narrative, story-telling style. This is a NO-NO! You still need to approach the preparation of these applications in the same way you would when addressing selection criteria. How is this done? You provide specific examples using the STAR model, method or technique. The main difference is that you can capture and demonstrate two or more of the capabilities or criteria (or whatever terminology they use in the job ad/description) within the examples you provide.

This will be your point of difference over other applicants. By writing an application in this manner with a short opening paragraph (optional) followed by two or more examples (you make this determination depending on the word or page length limit specified), your application will be very strong and be given serious consideration. You’ll also be showcasing many attributes indirectly such as logical thinking, clear and concise writing, straight-to-the-point. By writing an application in this manner, you will hit and hold their attention from the outset.

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Annie Cerone