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FREE Selection Criteria Examples – Over 110+ | Government & Tertiary Sectors

A big thanks to those of you who keep returning month-on-month; and a sincere welcome to new visitors, I guarantee you will find this an invaluable resource. I have hyperlinked all the following interview-generating selection criteria examples from 2009 to 2020 for quick access with one touchpoint. 2020: Librarian, Tertiary Sector ... 1 Oct 2020 Senior Investigator, WA Government ... 3 Aug 2020 Proof Reader, [...]

Job Market Australia | Top 20 Most In-Demand Jobs due to COVID-19

Human Resources Director (HRD) posted an article earlier this month outlining how COVID-19 has created opportunities in the job market. Now is the time to consider how your transferable skills could apply to any of the following in-demand jobs. This is an opportune time for you if you’ve been thinking about changing careers and undertaking further training or studying. I recommend you select a training/study [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers | Librarian, Tertiary Sector

My client applied for the role of Librarian in the tertiary sector, progressed to the interview stage and just missed out on the role. They came in second; the role was offered to an internal applicant, as is so common in the tertiary sector and across all levels of government (federal, state, local). The application involved addressing seven (7) selection criteria. Two of them are [...]