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Resume Writing Tips | Transforming Responsibilities and Skills into High Impact Achievement-Based Statements

I have been veering well away from developing boring responsibility-based resumes and eliminating repetition from job-to-job when overhauling clients’ resumes. Instead, I apply a lateral thinking approach in drawing out outcomes or achievements in relation to the responsibility performed and categorising and showcasing these statements under key skill areas. Where a particular responsibility cannot be drawn out to indicate an achievement/outcome, then my primary objective [...]

Job Interview Process | Power of Positive Body Language

Rissen-Harrisberg is a prominent body language expert who claims 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections. Non Verbal: 55% what the interviewer(s) sees and 38% what they hear. Verbal: 7% what you say. Dr Jurgen Ruesch is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California who posits that we communicate by means of approximately 700,000 different nonverbal [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses | Grammar School Development Director

This client applied for the role of Development Director at a Grammar School in Victoria and secured a job interview. Aside from preparing a well-developed resume, I also developed a 2.5 page cover letter addressing six criteria. Following are full examples of two of the selection criteria. Developing, driving and executing strategic plans. Much of my experience in the education sector has centred on the [...]

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