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Job Search Process: Remove ‘digital dirt’ from social media

‘Digital dirt’ could impact you negatively during the job application process. According to CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment survey, in 2016 approximately 60% of employers used social networking sites to research job candidates, compared to 52% in 2015; the figure is rising significantly! Where possible, you should remove negative items from all your social media platforms/channels. Cheers, Annie Cerone

Job Market Australia – Top 10 Graduate Employers

HC Online posted an interesting article in late February 2017 which outlined the most sought-after employers based on results from a survey conducted by GradAustralia; 14,000 students were surveyed across 38 universities. Top 10 employers (in no particular order) categorised by industry sector follow:  Accounting and advisory – Deloitte  Banking and financial services – Commonwealth Bank  Construction and property services – Arup [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers – Student Wellbeing Counsellor

This particular client applied for the role of Student Wellbeing Counsellor in the Tertiary/Higher Education Sector and gained a job interview. As is typical with university applications, many of them require the addressing of numerous Essential and Desirable criteria. This application required the addressing of six Essential criteria; one of the rare few applications, where only a small number of criteria were stipulated. Overall, the [...]


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