Monthly Archives: December 2016

Career Development Tips – Are You a Strategic Thinker?

This is a good article posted today by HC Online which pinpoints areas to identify those who are strategists or strategic thinkers. If you are in a role that requires strategic-related tasks, or are wanting to progress to a role that requires strategic thinking, or wanting to employ a candidate where strategic thinking skills are a big requirement, then this article will provide you with [...]

Free Selection Criteria Responses – Coordinator, Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme

This particular client applied for the role of Coordinator, Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme within State (Qld) Government, and progressed to the interview stage. Five selection criteria required addressing. Following is a full example of one of the criteria. You can analyse, comprehend, interpret and apply procedures and guidelines to make decisions. You ideally have knowledge of legal practices and process, particularly in relation to [...]


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