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Resume Writing Tips: Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Proof in the Metrics

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is a nationally recognized resume expert operating out of the USA, is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast, and was recently named 2016 BEST Resume Writer. It is a great pleasure to feature one of her invaluable articles on my blog. Please click the following link (ATS Infographic) to read this highly informative article on ATS stats in infographic form and loaded with [...]

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FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Project Officer

This client applied for a Project Officer role in State (Qld) Government, gained a job interview, was offered the role and accepted. As is commonplace with Qld Government applications for the past few years, selection criteria required addressing in a two-page statement. Following excerpts from two of the seven criteria. Demonstrated experience with all aspects of project coordination, preferably building refurbishment projects. In my 10 [...]

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