Monthly Archives: October 2016

Australian Job Market – 10 High-Paying Jobs No Degree Needed!

CareerFAQs published an article on 20 October 2016 outlining the Top 10 jobs you can target and secure in Australia, surprisingly where a university degree is not essential. Senior Executives from large multi-nationals are valuing and taking into greater consideration, hands-on experience over degrees. This fresh attitude no doubt will trickle down to medium and smaller scale organisations in time, if not already. The top [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses Samples – Finance Officer Qld Health

This client applied for a Finance Officer role in State Government in the Qld Health Department and gained a job interview. Instead of addressing the standard five criteria from the Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) – Strategic Direction, Achieves Results, Cultivates Relationships, Demonstrates Drive, and Communicates with Influence – the application called for the addressing of four specific criteria. Following are excerpts from two of the [...]


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