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Addressing Selection Criteria: Importance of Determining Criteria Requirements Before Applying!

Across all roles in Australian State and Territory Governments, as well as Local and Federal Governments, prior to commencing the processing of drafting selection criteria responses, it is important you find out character/word length limit for each criterion, or an overall page length limit to address all the selection criteria. Producing a document that contains too little or too much information is a killer, plus [...]

Job Market Australia – Ageism; an Escalating Issue with No Solution in Sight

The Sydney Morning Herald published on 3 September 2016 a detailed and upfront outlook on the problem of ageism and age discrimination within the Australian workforce and its impact on unemployment on mature age individuals. The article was written by Anna Patty and titled: ‘Caught in an unemployment netherworld: too young to retire, too old to get a job’. Ricci Bartels who is 63 years [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Graduate Insolvency Services Officer – Accounting or Law

This particular client applied for the role of Graduate Insolvency Services Officer in Accounting or Law in an APS/Federal Government agency and gained a job interview. A total of seven selection criteria required addressing in cover letter format at a specified two-page maximum. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. Case Management Towards the end of my employment at ZZZ, I became more experienced [...]


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