Monthly Archives: June 2016

Job Interview Tips – Answering the Question: ‘What is Your Biggest Weakness?’

We are all humans; therefore, we all have weaknesses! I do a lot of research into the type of questions you could be asked in a job interview and the best way to respond. My biggest irk is when other industry professionals advise you to ‘deflect’ when answering the question: ‘What is your biggest weaknesses?’ Many advise you to answer the question by responding with [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Senior Change Management Consultant

This client applied for and gained an interview for a role in State (SA) Government in the capacity of a Senior Change Management Consultant. A total of seven selection criteria required addressing; all were well addressed in a three-page document. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. Proven experience to initiate and foster strategic partnerships and networks with stakeholders within and external to SA [...]

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