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Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Networking & Industry Night

It is rare I recommend events to my readers; however, this event is one that you really should consider. The event will leave you inspired with opportunities that are unfolding in South-East Queensland. Property, technology, and marketing combine in an excellent event that will change the way you see sales and communication. This would be a great opportunity to attend for those of you in [...]

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Resume Writing Tips – Simple Hacks for Beating Automated Resume Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Amelia is a guest writer to my Blog page; she has written an interesting article on the ever prevalent ATS, which is becoming a huge problem for job seekers everywhere. Enjoy the reading. Essentially, you pour your heart and soul into the perfect resume that you’re sure will be a winner, only to discover that a human never has and never will see it. Like [...]

Strategies to Write a Winning Cover Letter

I am one of the many industry professionals that will tell you the importance of including a cover letter to accompany your resume. Although the jury is still out on this one; debate is still flaring amongst industry professionals like myself as to the importance of writing and including a cover letter with your job application. My professional recommendation is to do one, and one [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – EA to Dean & Head of School

This client applied for the role of EA to Dean & Head of School in the tertiary sector and gained a job interview. During the job interview, the selection panel commented on how highly impressed they all were with the written application. A total of five pages in cover letter format was developed to address selection criteria listed under Essential and Desirable sections. When I [...]


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