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Resume Writing Tips – Turning Career Challenges into Great Resume Achievements

Jayne Blake is a guest writer on my blog; she has written an informative article on how you can turn your career challenges into your greatest career achievements. Failure is unavoidable. In fact, most people think failure is necessary for us to learn and grow into stronger, smarter beings. When you feel like you have failed, it can be hard to write your resume and [...]

Job Interview Tips – The Importance and Influence of Grooming, Dress and Deportment

Most of the information exchanged in the job interview is non-verbal; 93% of the manner in which we communicate is via non-verbal communication or body language. The interviewer(s)/selection panel will be immediately affected by your appearance. According to your grooming, dress and deportment on entering the room, the interviewer may decide whether or not you are suitable for the position and a good fit for [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses Samples – Locations & Film Services Manager

This particular client applied for the role of Locations & Film Services Manager in State (WA) Government and was successful in gaining a job interview. A two-page document was developed addressing six selection criteria. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. Achieves Results. As the producer of a successful program (D&E) on the XXX television network, executives stipulated a change in direction/focus. I was [...]

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