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Professional Resume Writing – The Top 8 Resume Mistakes to Avoid published an article which revealed the results of a survey given to over 2,000 hiring managers to identify the most eccentric things employers had ever seen on resumes. When employers were asked what would make them automatically not consider a candidate from for a role, they revealed the following resumes mistakes: Typos (58%) Generically developed and did not tailor for the position (36%) A [...]

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Resume Writing Tips – Popular Font Styles to Use

With the increasing use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) by recruitment firms to scan resumes first up before being seen by a human, as well as organisations and Government departments stipulating the font style (and even font size) they want for written applications, it is good to know which fonts are popular and to keep a list of them aside. I have a few in [...]

Resume Writing Tips – Resume Content is ‘King’ | Resume Layout is ‘Queen’

Aligning both the content and layout in your resume especially on the first two pages will provide you with an impressive and winning document that will generate interviews. Resume Content is 'King': The content developed in your resume is #1: the content must reflect both breadth and depth. Clichéd statements such as ‘excellent communication skills’, ‘highly developed organisational skills’ and so forth are GONE! These [...]

Job Interview Process – Post Job Interview Tips

Jayne Blake is a guest writer on my blog; she has written an informative article on the smart things you can do after a job interview. Having a job interview can be daunting as it is, but did you ever consider that it’s what happens afterward that can count towards your application? In today’s extremely competitive job market, applicants are doing everything they can to [...]

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FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Director / Head of School

This client applied for the role of Director/Head of School in the tertiary sector; he gained a job interview was offered the role and accepted. The selection criteria component involved the addressing of a total of seven criteria listed under Essential and Desirable sections. In addressing the five criteria listed under the Essential section, content/examples for each one was written and maintained at just under [...]

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