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Networking and Career Development Resources: Small Business Resources for Women-Owned Businesses is a newly created site which provides comprehensive resources for women business owners and entrepreneurs. Resources include a wealth of information, from fundraising advice through to grants, loans, and ventures capital, to tips to connect with different professional organisations designed to support women. To find out more, please click on the following link: Cheers, Annie Cerone

FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Teaching Scholar (Mechanical)

This client applied for the role of Teaching Scholar (Mechanical) in the tertiary sector and gained a job interview. A total of 17 selection criteria required addressing which were separated into Essential and Desirable Sections. The Essentials section contained four key headings (Qualifications, Teaching, Other, and Personal Qualities); and the Desirable component contained three selection criteria listed under the heading ‘Experience, Knowledge and Skills’. It [...]

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