Monthly Archives: May 2015

Job Search Strategies – Twitter NOT LinkedIn is the Ultimate Career Site

Undercover Recruiter posted a very interesting article today claiming that Twitter is the best career site over LinkedIn. Click on the following link: Undercover Recruiter’s article to read the article. My professional philosophy and recommendation to those of you who are active job seekers is not to place all your eggs in one basket. Following is a classic and recent example. Only yesterday I was [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers Examples – Senior Recruitment Coordinator (International)

Preparing selection criteria for tertiary applications is never fun and there are always Essential and Desirable criteria to address. I always advise clients to keep the document to a maximum of five pages – institutions do not typically stipulate word or page length limits. The less criteria to address, the less pages needed. You should always address all the selection criteria in the Desirable section; [...]

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