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APS Selection Criteria Applications – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Example

Many APS Government agencies are changing the manner in which selection criteria are addressed by asking a specific line of questioning, and of course they are continuing on with mandating a word or character length limit for each criterion. Take for example this most recent role – APS3 Information Officer within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection – which was advertised in April 2015. [...]

Career Development Tips: Careers for people who like to work alone

Plenty of people prefer to spend time on their own when fulfilling their professional duties. Let's be honest, modern corporate lifestyle is not for everyone, is it? Working in an overcrowded open space, dealing with noisy co-workers, attending conferences, and meeting new clients – these all sound like a nightmare for every loner out there. If you are more of a solo player and prefer [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses Samples: APS Order of Merit Acting Opportunities / Team Leader

This client commissioned my services to prepare an Express of Interest (EOI) – Order of Merit for acting opportunities at APS5 level within an APS Government department. She was successful in gaining an interview and the feedback she received from the selection panel regarding her written application – in particular the EOI – was very positive; they advised that it was very impressive, one of [...]

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