Monthly Archives: May 2014

Australian Job Market – Top 10 High Paying Jobs Not Requiring Degree Qualifications

CareerFAQs posted an interesting article early this month outlining the jobs where you can make a lot of money (a solid six-figure salary or more) and do not need a university degree to secure them. The top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia where you would be earning salaries well above the average national income of $56.3k include: 1. Air transport professionals Potential salary range: [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses and Samples – School Partnerships Coordinator

This particular client applied for the role of School Partnerships Coordinator in the tertiary sector (a university in Victoria) and gained an interview. Typically, applications for roles in the tertiary sector involve addressing more criteria than asked for in government sector applications; and they are categorised into Essential and Desirable components with many more criteria in the Essential category. This particular application required the addressing [...]


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