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Addressing Selection Criteria Examples

Addressing selection criteria can be a time-consuming, frustrating and complex undertaking for those who are new to the process, even for those of you who have attempted them many times. Research has shown that it takes the average person a solid 21 hours of work to prepare and suitably address selection criteria (an average of five criteria with a 500 word length limit for each [...]

Australian Job Market – Occupational Job Growth

In DEEWR’s newly-released Australian Jobs 2013 report, the roles expected to grow fastest over the next five years include accountants, teachers, carpenters, and dental assistants. The report said the strongest growth of 16% over five years was expected among information professionals, which includes mathematicians, archivists, curators, economists, policy analysts, and librarians. Health, welfare and support employment were major areas of likely jobs growth as predicted [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples – Service Desk Liaison Officer

This particular client applied for the role of Service Desk Liaison Officer in a state (Qld) government department. He gained a job interview and gladly accepted the job offer. The application required the preparation of a two-page statement addressing five criteria/competencies as per the Capability Leadership Framework (CLF), which is derived from the Australian Public Service (APS) Integrated Leadership System (ILS). Following is a full [...]


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