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Australian Job Market Outlook – 10 Jobs Projected to Grow

The online resource Career FAQs posted an article in the middle of April 2013 which listed 10 jobs/careers projected to grow in the next few years. They include (in no particular order):  - Graphic/web designer and illustrator  - Psychologist  - Fitness instructor  - Nursing support and personal care worker  - General manager  - Veterinary nurse  - Welfare support worker  - Mining engineer  - Human resource [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples – VET FEE-HELP Coordinator

This particular client applied for the role of VET FEE-HELP Coordinator within a State (Queensland) government department. As is the standard for application preparation in Queensland government, the preparation of a two-page statement was required to address five key competencies. My client gained a job interview and although she was not offered the role, the panel advised that she placed second. Following are excerpts from [...]


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