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Australian Job Market 2012 – Top 10 Skills Shortage

HC Online posted an article on the 7th February 2012 outlining the latest skills shortages across the nation. The latest skills index has revealed a severe undersupply of skilled labour in corporate services and engineering, and both require a ‘high level and immediate response' by organisations. The skilled labour supply was measured by Clarius group across 20 specific occupations. As a result, many companies are [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers and Responses – Dietitian / Nutritionist (Graduate)

This particular client applied for an entry level graduate role as a Dietitian/Nutritionist in Queensland Health. The written application process involved the preparation of a two-page statement requiring the addressing of five competencies. My client was successful in gaining an interview, being offered the role and gladly accepting. Following are excerpts from two of the competencies. Demonstrated base to increasing level of knowledge, expertise and [...]

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