HC Online posted an article on the 7th February 2012 outlining the latest skills shortages across the nation. The latest skills index has revealed a severe undersupply of skilled labour in corporate services and engineering, and both require a ‘high level and immediate response’ by organisations. The skilled labour supply was measured by Clarius group across 20 specific occupations. As a result, many companies are recruiting candidates from overseas to counter the shortages.

The 10 occupations with the highest levels of skills shortages from ‘Extreme’ down to ‘Moderate’ include:

1. Corporate services managers
2. Engineering professionals

3. ICT professionals
4. Advertising and sales managers

5. Construction, distribution and production managers
6. Accountants, auditors, company secretaries
7. Legal professionals

8. Building and engineering technicians
9. Finance managers
10. Advertising and marketing professionals

Source: http://www.hcamag.com/newsletter/content/122037/


Annie Cerone