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Australian Job Market: 2011-12 Industry Growth and Decline

According to business information research firm IBISWorld's latest forecast, the oil and gas production industry was highlighted as this year's top industry performer with revenue growth predicted to increase by 18.3% in 2011/12. Conversely, gaming and vending machines manufacturing was named as the worst performing industry, with a forecasted revenue fall of 12.6%. Full lists are outlined below. IBISWorld's Top 10 growth industries for 2011/12: [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers and Responses – Customer Service Manager

This client applied for an internal role within Centrelink and gained a job interview. A three-page document was prepared addressing six criteria (the standard five criteria contained in the APS Integrated Leadership System) and an extra criterion focused on the management of customer service operations). Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. Develops and maintains valuable relationships. When dealing with staff, I am proactive [...]


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