Monthly Archives: June 2010

Australian Job Market Forecast for 2010-11

The Recruiter Daily posted an article today forecasting the best and worst growth industries in Australia for 2010-11. IBISWorld forecasts the top five growth industries will be: (1) Organic farming; (2) Online information services; (3) Insurance brokerage; (4) Mobile telecommunications carriers; and (5) Alternative health therapies. The least five growth industries include: (1) Insulation services; (2) Wired telecommunication services; (3) Paper manufacturing; (4) Video hire [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers and Responses – Senior Manager

This particular client applied for a role within the APS which was a Senior Executive Level 2 role and gained an interview. The selection criteria involved addressing seven criteria (up to one page in length for each) encompassing the integrated leadership framework. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. Displays Professional and Technical Proficiency. I used technical knowledge and expertise to apply and implement [...]


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