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Addressing Selection Criteria

For previous postings outlining examples of winning selection criteria that have gained interviews for my clients, and further explanation on the integrated leadership framework used to address selection criteria for roles/positions within APS government departments, and many state government departments that are now following a similar framework, please ensure you access all the monthly archives dating right back to December 2008. I would like to [...]

Winning Salesperson Attributes

Well-Run Concepts conducted research to quantify what is needed to be an effective Salesperson. A comprehensive, validated, step-by-step process called the TrimetrixTM system was utilised to determine what is needed for top performance. The data revealed the top 7 attributes: 1. Results Orientation: Maintaining focus on goals; Identifying and acting on removing potential obstacles to successful goal attainment; Implementing thorough and effective plans and applying [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers and Responses – Auditor

This particular client applied for an Internal Auditor's role within a QLD government department and gained an interview. The application process required the preparation of a two-page Expression of Interest (EOI). Six selection criteria required addressing; a full example of one of the criteria follows. Teamwork and Collaboration. In my current role as Assistant Finance Officer with the Department of ABC, and previously as a [...]


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