Monthly Archives: August 2009

FREE Selection Criteria Answers and Examples – Graduates in Accounting, Commerce, Finance

I have had several university students in their final year of studies commission me to work on applications for internships or holiday work placements with the ‘Big4' Accounting firms (KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC), that can then lead to the prospect of securing a full-time position when the internship/placement is completed. The application process is similar for all four firms each requiring submission of [...]

Job Selection Process – Part II: More on the Informal Approach

Following on from my previous blog titled 'Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing' dated 1st July 2009, I’d like to share more real-life experiences with you.   Example 1: A few months back I revamped a resume for a gentleman who had over 20 years senior management experience and had established several successful and profitable businesses. I met him face-to-face to deliver final product at his [...]

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