Monthly Archives: May 2009

Job Market Confidence

Research has shown that despite the weaker job market, confidence among recruiters has risen slightly. Some 44% expected an increase in business in the coming quarter. Recruitment companies in some areas were still seeing strong trading conditions, particularly in healthcare and education. However, over the past two years demand has changed markedly in some sectors. The volatile job market has brought about some big changes [...]

Job Market Statistics

Latest statistics (from the Australian Bureau of Statistics) for the December quarter 2008 reveal that full-time employment has risen, part-time work has decreased, overall employment was up, and the participation rate has increased 0.1 percentage points to 65.1%. During December quarter 99,000 jobs went unfilled. Despite the growing economic downturn, there were still 39,000 unfilled professional jobs and 60,000 unfilled trades jobs during the December quarter. [...]

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