Monthly Archives: April 2009

Job Market Skills Shortage Update

The latest Robert Walters Salary Survey (conducted across five states including NSW, QLD, WA, SA and VIC) based on actual placements made during 2008, found that demand still existed for candidates in a number of areas including highly experienced sales talent; project management and change management candidates; and HR professionals specialising in OHS or industrial relations. Other sought after candidates included: compliance and risk management [...]

Get Motivated and Beat Procrastination at Work

We all lack motivation on occasion, particularly when we dislike or feel overwhelmed by a task at hand. But there are procrastinators who habitually immerse themselves in busy work to avoid tasks that must be done. Procrastination basically means avoiding doing tasks which need to be done, sometimes doing them at the last minute or sometimes never doing them at all. The psychological price we [...]

Job Interview Techniques – The Power of Non Verbal Communication

Who says it’s all about what we say? Wrong! It’s also about what we don’t say, or in other words, how we say what we say without verbalising it. Rissen-Harrisberg, a prominent body language expert states that 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections. Dr Jurgen Ruesch, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, says that [...]


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