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Addressing Selection Criteria – Part I: The Process

Research has shown that in order to produce a high quality application addressing selection criteria (five or six per application) requires up to eight solid nights work, up to two to three hours per night! That’s quite the process and daunting for the majority of individuals. You will be relieved to know that the process of writing and addressing selection criteria is changing – it’s [...]

Brisbane Career Transition Expo in March 2009

On March the 6th and 7th 2009, Brisbane will be hosting a major career expo focusing primarily on mature-aged individuals over the age of 35 considering a career change. Featured exhibitors will include the Brisbane City Council, Woolworths, CareerOne, the Australian Taxation Office, Defence Force Recruiting, Flight Centre and Bunnings. In light of current economic conditions, statistics have shown that the skills shortage will remain [...]

Job Interview Techniques – Apply the 3 Rules

Keep the following three rules in mind during the job interview process. These rules have been researched and statistically validated. 1. Apply the ‘50/50’ rule: Listen for 50% of the time and talk for the rest. Research has shown that applicants who apply this rule have been the most successful in getting to the next stage of the interview process or being offered the position. [...]

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Job Skills Shortage

Following on from last week’s blog on the current Australian job market, let’s look at the shortages within the professions first up. Regardless of current job market conditions, the demand for accountants is outstripping supply on a local, national and global level. The shortage of accountants in Australia is reaching critical level. There is a continuing gap between the supply of domestic accounting graduates and [...]

More on the Australian Job Market – Are things looking up?

Certain experts in the Recruitment and Human Resource Industry are optimistic about Australia’s future. Optimism has arisen through the government stimulus which is predicted to lead to improvements in the economy toward the end of 2009. Consumer and worker confidence and credit availability will both be improved. In addition, certain industries, especially those which have taken a real big hit are showing potential signs of [...]

Current Australian Job Market – Is it all Doom and Gloom?

Here are the latest job market statistics: - The economy lost 44,000 full-time jobs in December 2008. - The unemployment rate rose to 4.5% from 4.4% in November 2008. - Full-time employment dropped by 44,000 to 7,640,200 while part-time positions soared 42,800 to 3,102,200, bringing the net loss of jobs to 1200. - Economists fear the massive decline in full-time employment even offsetting for the [...]

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