A commanding resume will help to forge and secure your ascending career or professional path; a professional resume writing service such as Resume by Design will facilitate this process.

Your resume is a powerful marketing tool: it must convey a striking first impression and capture the reader’s attention within a matter of seconds. Essentially, it is a statement professional resume writing service providing you with the key to unlock your potential and gain you job interviewsof your achievements, skills, experience, expertise and capabilities. Your resume must capture these key elements and showcase to an employer what you can do for them!

A solidly-developed resume must flow from start to finish, from section to section, and within each section. The key is to present a solidly structured and well-organised document which will impact profoundly on the reader. Importantly, your resume should reflect your monetary worth: a $25K-looking resume will not suffice for a $60K+ position.


Your resume must embody the following crucial elements:

  • Distinct and concise content – the key is brevity, aiming to save the reader time;
  • High quality presentation with an emphasis on unique design – a visually appealing document makes a huge impact; and
  • Key titles that in themselves make commanding statements – assisting in structuring the document and presenting a well organised image.


Resume by Design offers a client-focused and individually-tailored professional resume writing and career development service, specialising in:

  • Career progression strategy and guidance
  • Job search methodology
  • Job market skills (JMS) educational sessions
  • LinkedIn profile branding


One of Resume by Design’s key objectives throughout the years has been the continual provision of superior resume services to clientele. As a result, repeat business and client referrals are assured.

An exceptional professional resume writing service is provided, including:

  • One-on-one consultation from conception to completion
  • Prompt and personalised service, turnaround within 24 hours
  • Express same day service if required at no extra cost

  • Flexible, customer-friendly, 7-day per week service
  • Negotiable fees
  • Discounts for repeat business
  • Highly marketable document positioning you in the marketplace

Invest in your future now by investing in Resume by Design’s services to help market you in an increasingly competitive job market. Importantly, a professional, invaluable and reciprocal working relationship will be established and maintained with you both now and going forward into the future.


Do you want to obtain FREE professional resume writing and career advice?

Please contact me, Annie Cerone; I independently operate Resume by Design which is a well-established and leading nationwide professional resume service business. If you establish contact with me via email, a personalised and prompt reply within 24 hours is guaranteed; or should you call me and I am not available, please leave a message and I will aim to return your call promptly. I look forward to hearing from you!

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What My Clients Say
Annie Cerone is not in this for the money or she could charge far more than what she does for the amount of time, effort, and consultation she provides. When she is done you end up with a unique document that is indicative of your work history, education, and background. She can also help you with your LinkedIn profile if you are interested in employers finding you. Her experience extends far beyond just ‘design’; you can tell she has an extensive background in training, managing and communication. Get ready for a product that allows you to glance down at your resume and answer behavior-based interview questions following the STAR method. Her key words and deliberate avoidance of repetition allows you to expand your skills far beyond one job-type. The result is a well-balanced, universal presentation of your skills and accolades. This interaction was like having a friend in Human Resources. She is extremely personable and takes the time to collect the data necessary to represent you in a professional and accurate manner. Loved the opportunity to work with her and the outcome! She has my vote.
Trinell Moore – Executive & Professional Sales Representative
There are so many resume design sites out there and all of them lacked a real and personal touch. That was the first thing that grabbed me and made me decide to contact Annie Cerone. Thinking it was going to be hard, but it wasn’t, it was easy because Annie obviously has a proven process that works and she sticks to it. The outcome was not what I was expecting, I feel my resume captures where I have been, where I am now and where I can head and it was done is a confidential, easy and workable way. I don’t think I will attempt to ever do my own resume again; working with the right resume writer makes the world of difference. I would recommend Annie for sure, she was easy to work with, honest, quick and prompted me just at the right times.
Leone K – Director, Business Strategist & Professional Coach
After 15 years running my own business, I made the decision to seek a role in the public sector. Although I am a practised writer, I found it difficult and time consuming to prepare applications that would get me in front of the selection panel to discuss my experience and ability to make a strong contribution in the proposed roles. Resume by Design transformed my experience in preparing applications. My second application achieved an interview and I was subsequently offered a position. Annie’s understanding of how to effectively communicate (in written form) with a selection panel in the terms they are seeking makes a huge difference. Therefore, I cut the time I needed to invest to generate a finely tuned application to 20% of my earlier efforts. Importantly, working with Annie also minimised the debilitating emotional investment that I formerly needed to prepare an application.
Andrew Duff – Senior Policy Officer (Trade Development)
When I first commissioned Annie’s services, she was able to define, demonstrate and fine-tune my 35 year career in a very straight forward way. Her ability to capture the essence of what I do for my clients was the key in providing a snapshot of my skills and services. She provided objectivity and directness about what would cut through and get noticed. Importantly, her follow up service was greatly appreciated. I have continued to utilise Annie’s services; she is always available to answer questions and serves as an invaluable guide providing clear-cut objectivity with the many questions I have had regarding my career direction, job search strategies and so much more. Annie never fails to disappoint. One of the many things I admire about Annie and the manner in which she does business is that she truly values her customers – she has put the ‘humane’ back into human resources. When it comes to a business image and profile, I highly recommend Resume by Design.
Dave Charles – Managing Director
Annie at Resume by Design has the uncanny knack of being able to unlock the words describing your capacity and capability to future employers. She has been able to pull my resume together, not only very quickly but also with a presentation to impress. I’ve known Annie for a few years now and over a couple of new jobs. Each time she has been able to help update my resume and position according to the new direction. She has also helped me write a one page bio for publications. It is sometimes amazingly difficult to give yourself high praise and value without feeling you are a bit full of yourself. Annie takes this feeling away and completely represents you and your skills in a fashion that leaves you quite proud of your achievements, and importantly you know you can deliver on expectations.
Sandra Nugent – Chief Operating Officer

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